Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Is Working On A ‘Dislike’ Button

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Facebook is finally going to do it — it’s finally going to make a “Dislike” button.

“We have an idea that we’re going to be ready to test soon, and depending on how that does, we’ll roll it out more broadly,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a townhall Q&A at Facebook’s headquarters on Tuesday.

He said making something so “simple” is surprisingly complicated, but after years of people demanding the option to “dislike” a Facebook post, the company is finally ready.

The company had hesitated to launch a dislike button, but it has realized that people want to “express empathy” on posts about unpleasant news. “Not every moment is a good moment,” he added

So what do you all think about this ‘Dislike’ button idea? Good? Bad? Let us know in the comments below!