Awesome 16-Person Tent With Dining Area & Car Port Will Change The Way You Camp

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massive tent

Get ready to be wowed by a tent design like no other!

Designed by Japanese outdoor company Logos, the tents are the recent winners of Japan’s GOOD Design Award. The modular structure can be used as a stand alone tent (smaller tent), or you can add attachment modules, giving more space to the structure.

massive tent 3

The basic module is a pentagonal tent that can accept five more modules for each of its sides. Decagon Modular tent could be extended from a basic three sleeper tent to one that has vast spaces and a dining area large enough to fit in 16 people.

massive tent7

These things are incredible! Talk about a whole new level of camping. The beauty of this design is that it can be used for just a quick solo weekend camping trip, or an all out family and friends camping adventure!

massive tent10

massive tent4

massive tent2

massive tent 6 massive tent5

massive tent 9

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