Math Equation Is Dividing The Internet Because Nobody Can Agree On An Answer

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Not everyone is good at math and even if you think you are good at math, there is always a math problem out there that can and will stump you. Like the one above.

Even the most genius of geniuses are struggling with this one math equation, and it has puzzled the entire internet. Keep scrolling to see if you can crack the code…

The equation is 8 + 2 (2 + 2 ) = ?

Easy enough right?


Many people seem to think/agree that the answer is 1. 

The internet has gone crazy over figuring out the problem, and some people have gone to some pretty tricky lengths to prove that their answer is right.

A math major even agreed with the answer of 1.

She boasted of how she even tutors math for children, so her answer must becorrect

But not everybody thinks that 1 is the answer…

16, however, seems to be an equally strong competitor…

Even 100 was tossed out there as a correct answer…

But it finally seems someone has a logical answer…

This one intelligent user figured out that the equation has been written to indeed have 2 different answers, so 1 and 16 are equally as correct as one another.

Tired yet? Because I am.