Man In 1961 Wedding Photo Looks Exactly Like Matt Damon

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Now this is eerie! 

One man posted a photo on Reddit of his parents wedding day back in 1961…and the internet is freaking out…because his dad…looks exactly like Matt Damon.

The lookalike appears in a black-and-white photo, smiling at a woman who gazes back dreamily into his eyes.

“I think my dad looks like Matt Damon,” said Reddit user Coffeeandtrout, who posted the image. 

Check out this side by side comparison…it is incredible!

Comments flooded the Reddit post, many talking about time travel and wondering if the ‘poster’ could post a picture of his parents now, so the world can see what Matt Damon will look like as he ages. 

Here is a more recent picture of the couple. Sadly, the man’s wife recently passed away. 


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