‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Contestant Nearly Loses His Life In Live Stunt Gone Wrong

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Matt Johnson Britain's Got Talent

“Britain’s Got Talent” star Matt Johnson’s life had to be saved by a standby paramedic during a recent live episode of the popular TV show.

Matt’s stunt was one where he would risk his own life in order to remove chained armor and a locked box filled with water that surrounded his head.

Matt gave himself a ‘safe’ time of 1:45 and when that time was reached and Matt was still not close to getting his submerged head out of the locked water filled box, paramedics came to the stage.

At 2:21, Matt waved his hand, signaling he needed help. Paramedics gave him a metal pole, which was used to quickly unlock the box, release the water and allow Matt to take a breath.

Matt didn’t make it through to the next round in the contest, which many followers of the show were surprised at the decision.

One follow of the show said: “How did Matt Johnson not get through? He actually brought excitement and danger to this pathetic show for once, but the sad British public ruins it.”