Matthew McConaughey Makes Sure University Of Texas Students Get Home Safely

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Matthew McConaughey was awarded the honor of Distinguished Alumnus from University of Texas, and now he’s the school’s #1 fan! He not only cheers for the Longhorns, but he teaches a film-making course there, and now he’s even helping students get home safely!

UT has a program called SURE walk, which provides a buddy to walk home with students at night for safety and comfort. According to the website: “The Students United for Rape Elimination SURE WALK) is a student government agency partnered with PTS that offers volunteer companionship on your walk home from campus from (Monday-Sunday 7PM-2AM), in order to protect the students, provide peace-of-mind when studying late at night, and ensure safety for all.”

UT’s student government tweeted out the photo below with the caption “Always use SURE Walk when walking home from campus at night… you never know who will be driving!”They ended the tweet with McConaughey’s famous Dazed and Confused line and signature catchphrase, “Alright, alright, alright.”




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