Mattress Store Sales Are Falling Miserably But Here’s How To Find Great Deals

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If you’ve been putting off buying a new mattress because you’re worried about the expense, then now is your chance to get the mattress you’ve always wanted. Here, you’ll find some of the best ones on the market under $100.

A number of traditional mattress stores have been forced into bankruptcy due to online retailers. Unfortunately, due to the prevailing economic environment, a number of long-established retail stores have been fighting for survival, and some mattress stores are trying to cope as well. We’ve looked over some of the highest quality mattress brands to see if they have new deals at budget-friendly prices. These particular mattress brands have offered online discounts, promotions, and some limited-time sales too. Now is the time to see what’s being offered and to avail of the best discounts out there before it’s too late.


The Saatva mattress company is well-known for their high-quality spring mattresses. Although this company is incredibly top notch, their queen-size base model comes at a very affordable $799. While it may seem too good to be true, the mattress does not disappoint and is incredibly comfortable. It has an intense layer of springs at the bottom and a lush pillow-like layer on top.

Amazingly, the mattress even comes with a trial period of 120-nights. If, for one reason or another, you decide that you aren’t happy with your purchase during that time, Saatva offers a pickup service that makes it extra easy to send it back. The company also offers military personnel and veterans an additional $50 savings due to their military appreciation discount. In addition, the company also gives a financing option of six-months.


Linenspa is yet another mattress company that offers great mattresses but on an even better budget. Their 8” Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress starts at a very affordable $99, and the mattress has a medium-firm feel with pressure relieving memory foam. On the website, this mattress has gotten a 4.6 average review, which shows that it’s truly one of the most budget-friendly ones on the market. Meanwhile, their 6” Innerspring Mattress begins at just $88, and rather than using memory foam, it uses spring coils to provide support. The last option is the 5” Gel Memory Foam Mattress that sits below a hundred dollars at just $95.


Considering this mattress company has five different comfort levels, Amerisleep has something for everyone. All their mattresses deliver lots of support due to their superb breathable layer of memory foam.

For couples that want to have maximum comfort when it comes to their mattress, they should look at the AS3 mattress. When ordering a bed from their website, there are a bunch of awesome deals and discounts you can avail of. On the top of their webpage, you’ll easily find their current deals, with one such bargain offering savings of $200 on their items. Other times, they even offer free delivery. You are also given a 100-night period to return the mattress as well.


Another popular mattress brand is Casper, which offers three varying mattresses at different price points. For the queen-size bed, the top-selling Casper mattress starts at $595. This particular mattress has memory foam support, as well as several layers of foam. The company also normally offers coupon codes for discounts on their already low prices, allowing their buyers to save even more money.

Like most other mattress companies, every mattress Casper sells has a full money back guarantee. The company, which also has a 100-nights deadline on returns, handles pickup and donation of the mattress too. No matter the reason for the return, if you are left unsatisfied, you will get a full refund for your buy.



The Serta mattress company has one of the best reputations when it comes to quality bed manufacturers. They offer a large range of mattresses, considering they have been in the business since 1931. However, it’s also important to double check the product details of the mattress you wish to buy before you make your final decision. The iComfort Lines and Perfect Sleeper are said to be their best-selling collections. They also come with tons of innerspring and hybrid models, and they also offer memory foam style mattresses as well.

A queen size iComfort Hybrid mattress is $1099, and the iComfort Foam mattress is $1199. Like some of the others, Serta is also offering a $200 discount on their iComfort mattress sets. Be sure to take a look at their promotions page to see their other offers as they update it regularly as well.


Another highly popular brand in the online mattress industry is Purple. They are actually known to attract their customers with their quick and clever marketing techniques, as well as their unique and special features when it comes to their mattresses. In fact, their mattresses use a gridded silicone in order to provide its users a cool sleeping experience. The base of the mattress have several layer of foam that are precisely designed to hinder back pain and to establish a pleasant and enjoyable night of sleep.

Purple’s queen-size mattress will cost you $1099. The company will also give you some free products along with your mattress purchase like sheets or a seat cushion. You will also get a free premium sleep mask when you buy a new Purple mattress. You can look at Purple’s Facebook page, or search coupon site Retail Me Not if you want to get this deal.

Sleep Number

Another mattress company that offers great and unique designs is Sleep Number.  The queen size mattress ranges from $999 to $5999, depending on which model you prefer.

What makes Sleep Number special is that they don’t use foam or coils in the construction of their mattresses. Rather, their mattresses use air chambers that can actually adjust to fit the shape of your body. When two people are using the mattress, because of the separate air chambers, the mattress has the ability to accommodate both bodies. This guarantees that each person gets a quality night of sleep. Of course before buying the mattress, we recommend that you try the mattress out before making your purchase since not all people enjoy the air-filled mattresses.

Visit Sleep Number’s official website in order to get a good deal, that way you can save yourself hundreds of dollars from the different special deals the company puts up on their site.