McDonald’s Pulls Controversial Commercial After Receiving A Ton Of Horrible Feedback

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After series of complaints, fast food giant withdraws advert that showed boy being told of dead father’s liking for Filet-O-Fish.

Wait…what? Depicting a situation where a young boy lost his father and making it all about a sandwich? That is certainly a strange concept!

McDonald’s has pulled its new advert from TV screens and apologised for any upset caused after it was accused of exploiting childhood bereavement.

In a strange attempt to emotionally manipulate their customers, McDonald’s created the TV spot where a young boy is seen asking his mother questions about his father who has passed. As the mother and son walk and talk about the boy’s father, they end up at a McDonald’s restaurant where the son orders a Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

As the boy opens up the sandwich, the mother tells the boy that the sandwich was his father’s favorite too.

After watching the commercial it makes me believe that there must have been much better commercial concepts floating around the creative writing room in the McDonald’s advertising department.