People Are Not Happy With McDonald’s For Discontinuing One Of Their Most Popular Drinks

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I don’t eat a lot of McDonald’s…but this is some bulls**t!

McDonald's Drinks

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McDonald’s recently announced that they are adding a new beverage to their lineup of drinks…the “Sprite TropicBerry”. Yeah, yeah, yeah…who cares!

Lets talk about what drink McDonald’s is getting rid of to make room for this tropical nonsense. McDonald’s will be taking away Hi-C Orange. That’s right folks…no more sugary, yet watery Hi-C orange for you!

The internet was not impressed!

One person tweeted,“@McDonalds is phasing out Hi C orange. Replacing with a McDs exclusive Sprite flavor. My life is ruined.”

Then another tweeted,“@McDonalds how many rts for u to keep orange hi c because that drink is my life.”

“please please please don’t get rid of HI-C orange @McDonalds,” tweeted another.

“No more Orange Hi-C @McDonalds has ruined my day. @Wendys would never pull this stunt,” tweeted another.

Another tweeted, “HOW DARE @McDonalds GET RID OF HI-C?!?! THATS THE BEST DRINK.”

“Rather have Hi-C and delete Coke. Such a bad move. @BurgerKing now. Not even the free purchase app will help. Been going for years, ends now,” tweeted another.

According to the statement, Hi-C will officially be discontinued by May 1.

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