McDonald’s Employee Shares Tips On How To Save Money When You Order

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During our current economic times, saving money is crucial! If you can’t save a few pennies here and there, you must do it, because every little bit helps!

One McDonald’s fast food employee took to TikTok (@tha_broksi) in order to share his knowledge on how to save money while ordering at the famed restaurant. Use the hack to save money on McNuggets and other menu items. This insider menu breakdown is a must see!

You see, @tha_broksi has done the very simple math and figured out that it is in your best interests to order two six-piece McNuggets ($2/each) instead of getting a 10 piece for $5.79. Not only do you save $1.79, but you also get an extra 2 nuggets!

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However, you are going to want to make sure that you are checking the McDonald’s menu in your area. Every restaurant is going to have its own pricing structure, so this hack may not be as effective in certain regions.

There’s another hack for you to try if this one does not work. Check the price of the four-piece McNuggets on your local menu. In many instances, it will be cheaper to buy three four-piece McNuggets than one ten-piece.

Oh, as far as french fries go. The medium-sized fry costs $1 more than the small and comes with the exact same amount of fries as the small. Also, if you want to guarantee that you get hot, fresh fries every single time. Simply ask for no salt on the fries. The workers will have to make up a new batch just for you – than, you can salt them on your own! \