Meet Instagram Sensation: Wally The Bunny

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Courtesy of USA Today

Wally, a 10-month-old English Angora rabbit, is hopping his way into pet stardom on Instagram.

Wally made his Instagram debut on Jan. 1 on the account wally_and_molly and already has 76,000 followers. His owner, Molly, manages the account and chronicles Wally’s adventures from their Massachusetts home.

English Angora rabbits are often bred for their long soft fur, but Willy’s owner has his fur trimmed in a style that looks similar to a poodle’s.

Here are some of Wally’s adorable pictures:


Instagram | @wally_and_molly “Nobody’s even noticed my NEW BLANKIES!” (Wally and I recently bought some fabrics to line his shelf with. He picked out the red plaid.) Oh Wally. I’m sorry. I think people love your beautiful ears. That can be distracting – even from your stylish new blankets. “But my BLANKIES ARE PLAID!” We see Wally! “All I am is a PAIR OF EARS!” Aw, Wally! Of course you’re more than a pair of ears! People know this! You just have very special and intriguing ears. “Do you mean that Wally has … FANCY ears?! I HAVE FANCY EARS!” (Wally is now running all around the room repeating this.)


Instagram | @wally_and_molly “I’M IN TROUBLE!” How come Wally? “My Intagramies!” What about your Instagramies? “My PHOTO! My photo is late!” Aw, Wally! I think people will understand. I think they’ll be happy you’ve been playing in the grass. “But they’ll think Wally likes GRASS MORE THAN INSTAGRAMIES!” I will let your followers know that you like grass AND Instagramies. “If they’re angry at Wally tell them I’ll give them some GRASS!” Okay, Wally …


Instagram | @wally_and_molly “Hay” everyone! (Wally asked me to spell “hey” like that. He thought it was hilarious.)


Instagram | @wally_and_molly And now for a Caption Competition! Write a caption for this photo! All participants will receive emoji gifts from Wally. Words from the winning captions will be used in a special bunny haiku!