Meet The Amazingly Beautiful But Frightening Dracula Parrot

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New Guinea’s cloud forests in the lower mountains and foothills is the natural habitat of Pesquet’s parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus), also known as the vulturine parrot because its head and beak are similar to those of a vulture.

Sadly, the Pesquet’s parrot is in danger of becoming extinct due to poaching for the birds bright red and dark feathers. The feathers are traditionally used by natives for ceremonial dress. The parrot is also killed for meat by some and others capture the parrot for the caged bird trade. Habitat loss now has the species listed as vulnerable.

Many call the parrot the ‘Dracula Parrot’ because of  its plumage resemble that of Count Dracula’s black attire and red silk lined cloak. It doesn’t hurt that the parrot also has a ‘harsh and rasping growl’ while in flight and long, drawn out screams – mainly during the late night hours. So that clearly attributes to the ‘Dracula Parrot’ nickname.


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Dracula parrot is scary and beautiful all at once. #draculaparrot #dracula #parrots

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The parrot is quite large and quite heavy, measuring around 20″ and weighing 21-28 ounces.

Males have a red patch behind the eyes, which is the only distinguishable markings that separate a male and female. A pair usually hatch two eggs per breading season.

They often travel in pairs or small groups and glide while flying, more so than most parrots. Another difference between other parrots is, most parrots climb from branch to branch, while the ‘Dracula’ parrot will jump from branch to branch.

Pesquet’s parrot is the only member of the Psittrichasinae subfamily of Indian Ocean island parrots and is only found in New Guinea, making it a unique “one of a kind” among the parrot species of the world.