Man Buries An Engagement Ring So His Girlfriend Can Unearth It On A Metal Detector Hike

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metal detecting marriage proposal

This guy opted for a big time untraditional proposal, hiding the antique box he had bought, with a ring inside of it, deep in the mud for his soon-to-be fiancé to uncover.

The man and his girlfriend pulled the ‘planted’ box from the ground and as they cleared the mud from the top of the box, wording was revealed.

On the top, carved into the antique box was ‘Matthew 1344’ and on the bottom was ‘Proverb 1822’.

The woman was ecstatic and excited to open the box, but not before the couple whipped out their bible to read the passages that were inscribed on the box.

As the man opened the box a white folded cloth lie within. As he uncovered the cloth, a ring box was exposed and that’s when this smooth operator asked his girlfriend to marry him.

metal detecting marriage proposal

Of course she said yes!