Michael Phelps Should Win A Gold Medal For His Epic Game Face

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On Monday night, South African swimmer Chad Le Clos poked a little fun at Phelps, his rival in the highly anticipated 200-meter butterfly event. In a clip posted by NBC Sports, Le Clos is seen pulling boxing moves, shaking his muscles, tossing a thumbs-up in the air, and smirking rather arrogantly at a stony-faced, hooded Phelps in the ready room just before their semifinal heat.

“Oh my goodness,” one of the reporters says. “I have never seen anything like that in the ready rooms. You play some games sometimes, but he’s standing right in front of Michael. And look at Michael’s game face.”

“Look it, look it! It’s like he’s growling like a dog!” another reporter exclaims as the other laughs in what sounds like gleeful shock. “This is great television.”

Bottom line? “Phelps has always let his swimming do the talking,” the reporter comments. We trust our man Phelps will let his swimming do the talking tonight, since he’s up against Le Clos again for the finals. Don’t let the antics get to you, guy. We all know the real show takes place in the pool.


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