Parents Sue Their 30-Year-Old Son To Make Him Move Out

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michael rotondo parents house evicted

Living with your parents for a few years after you turn 18 isn’t unheard of and it many cases, is completely normal. Living with your parents until you are 30, well, that is just ridiculous.

30-year-old Michael Rotondo has been living at home for the last eight and a half years. He’s found it to be extremely comfortable, which is the issue.

Rotondo makes it clear he has his own bedroom and does not live in the basement. He states he doesn’t do any chores, but he purchases his own food and does his own laundry. Wow, what a big boy! 

Mark and Christina Rotondo, his parents, have decided that it’s time for their son to move out, but Michael doesn’t think he should have to.


In an interview with Daily Mail, Michael said that his problems with his parents relate to his own son, whom he lost custody of in September of 2017.

He wouldn’t elaborate further than that, or disclose the age of his son, only that the child now lives full-time with his mother, whom Michael was never in a relationship with.

Michael filed an appeal with the court, claiming he was a ‘poor person’, so he wouldn’t have to pay any legal fees. 

Rotondo claims, his parents tried to seek visitation of their grandchild, and it was two days after that court hearing that they “decided he had to leave the house immediately.”

Rotondo currently can only see his son in “therapeutic environments” if it is approved by the courts.

When it became clear that Michael was not going to leave his parents home, they continued with the official eviction hearing.

Because the issue was considered a ‘family matter’, the hearing was to be ruled by a Supreme Court Justice. 

The parents attorney sought an eviction date, that would be upheld by Sheriff’s if necessary. 

Michael Rotondo was informed the court that he was entitled to more time at the family home.

Though he admitted that his parents have tried to evict him multiple times, Rotondo said their lawsuit was “retaliatory” and that he was entitled to six more months at home in order to find a new place to live.

Rotondo did his research, and found a similar case which granted the defendant a similar timeline before eviction.

The judge, State Supreme Court Justice Donald Greenwood, listened patiently to Rotondo’s argument.

Michael asked the Judge if he could talk with his parents in court to see if they could work something out. He also tried to get the case thrown out, sighting a wrong ‘room number’ listed on the court notice. The Judge advised Michael that he found the court room just fine and all is well. 

The Judge ultimately ruled in favor of Mark and Christina Rotondo.

He ordered Michael to move out of the home, and even ordered that adult protective services investigate the situation, citing that the proceedings were concerning.

Michael called this decision “outrageous,” saying he couldn’t find a place to live without six months notice. Justice Greenwood, was blown away with the entire ordeal, suggested Airbnb.

The 30 year old asked for at least 30 days, which he believes is enough time for him to file an appeal which would delay the eviction.

After the court hearing, Michael gave an interview to the press. 

I’m willing to bet Michael doesn’t land a girlfriend any time soon!

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