Michigan College Library Shut Down After Discovery Of Venomous ‘Mediterranean Recluse’ Spiders

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The University of Michigan has shut down its library after venomous spiders were found in the building’s basement.

University officials discovered a trio of Mediterranean recluse spiders in the building, as well as “remote areas” on other parts of the campus. The library has been shut down so the University can address the situation.

As the name implies, they are reclusive and bites are extremely rare,” associate professor Anne Danielson-Francois said in a statement. She was one official who helped identify the spiders.

Mediterranean recluse spiders prefer basement spaces, tunnels and other hideaways where there is a decrease in foot traffic,” she added. “Users browsing the library stacks would be very unlikely to encounter a stray spider or be bitten.”

With this knowledge, the University then apologized for shutting down the library and stated that it was a ‘mistake’ to do so. However, during the shutdown, the library was treated in order to rid the building of the spiders.

Students and faculty have since been allowed back in the building.

Those working in the basement of the building have to wear protective coverings for the time being.