Michigan Farmer Finds Prehistoric Mammoth Bones In His Bean Field

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If Michigan’s soybean crop looks a little larger than usual this year, we might know why. Farmer Jim Bristle was digging up a catch basin last week when he dug up a massive rib bone from a prehistoric mammoth. Initially thinking it was just a bent fence post, Bristle and his friend Trent Satterthwaite were puzzled by the find, until they realized what they may have found. Satterthwaite said that at that point, it was like living out the old childhood dream of digging up dinosaur bones.

They found nearly a complete mammoth skeleton. Bristle jokes that because his wife said they couldn’t hang the skull over the mantle and because he couldn’t find a buck pole large enough, he called up the University of Michigan and donated it to them so that it could be viewed and appreciated by the public.



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