Michigan Student Hires Fake Family For Christmas Card Prank

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christmas card

A student of Saginaw Valley State University decided to have some fun with his family this holiday season.

Joshua Brassow, 25, hired a fake family for himself, had professional photographs taken and Christmas cards printed.

According to a post on his Facebook page, he did all this to “baffle” his relatives and make it seem like he married a woman with kids.

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Brassow said in a separate posting on Facebook that the endeavor ended up costing him about $50 of the $100 he set aside for the prank.

Originally Brassow was offering $20 for a family to take the picture with him. In the end, the family was free.

TLDR; ; Student wants to play a prank on his real family with a fake family for the holidays

The card showed Brassow with a heavily-tattooed woman with two teenage boys, saying “Season’s Greetings from the Brassows, Josh & Patty ‘Bone-Crusher’ Johnson, and the boys Blade & Thor.”


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