Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Exam Information, Practice Tests And Study Websites

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Microsoft is a big name in the world IT market. Apart from its cutting-edge products and software, the company is also famous for a number of certifications it offers. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced specialist, you can always choose a certification that suits your level of knowledge. If you want to read more about Microsoft Company and the credential program it offers, follow the links below:

Among many Microsoft certifications, you can find a famous MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) credential. It verifies candidate’s skills to manage, configure and customize Microsoft Dynamics 365. In order to get it, one needs to pass MB2-715 and MB2-716 exams. The first one verifies one’s skills to implement, manage, provide support of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


In this article, we will give you an overview of MB2-716 exam so that you can get an idea of how to customize and configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 and be prepared for the certification process.

What topics does the MB2-716 exam cover?

The MB2-716 certification test is a complete package when it comes to configuration and customization. It is directed towards developers and IT professionals. The exam covers the following areas:

  • Around 20-25% of the exam questions are related to the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Another 20-25% of the questions in the exam are related to entities of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Similarly, some questions on entity relationships are also there.
  • A major area the exam tests you on is the management and creation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.
  • Finally, to clear this exam you also need to learn about the implementation of business rules, business process flows, and workflows. The volume of questions related to the mentioned subjects is 20-25%.

Who should get the certificate?

If you are someone who wants to obtain a certification on the customization and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365, then you can surely choose this exam. The audience usually willing to get this credential mostly consists of developers, system administrators, technical support personnel, and implementation consultants.

How to prepare for the MB2-716 exam?


The Microsoft MB2-716 test is a certification exam, which has many benefits linked to it. As an IT professional, having this certification under your belt means that your chances of getting a better job are higher. However, the MB2-716 exam is not that easy to pass and you have to prepare really hard for it. You need to schedule yourself well for this test and have to allocate sufficient time for its preparation. In the headings below we have mentioned some of the Microsoft MB2-716 exam tips and guidelines through which you can easily prepare for this exam.

  1. Use the Dynamics Learning Portal

As compared to other Microsoft certifications, this one is considerably new which means that there are not many forums from where you can get the exam materials. The only renowned forum which can provide you with the best study material on the subject is Dynamics Learning Portal. The official material which is available on this portal is:

81060AE:This helps you prepare for the configuration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer service and sales.

81059AE:This helps you prepare for customization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer service and sales.

If you are someone who has the experience in the previous version of Dynamics 365, then the mentioned DLP courses can be used to prepare well for the MB2-716 exam. These courses will also help you a lot if you are a newcomer.

  1. Find proper exam dumps and practice tests

As mentioned before, there are not many sources available online from where you can prepare for this exam. However, to pass this Microsoft practice test it is not a bad option if you go for the exam dumps from PrepAway.

The dumps are previous exam papers which you can use to learn everything about the major concepts needed to clear the exam. The dumps will help you to learn more about the exam structure and find your approach to tackle various exam questions.

  1. Make use of the experience of other applicants

Mere tutorials and basic guidelines will not do the job for you. You need to collaborate with people who have already taken this exam. An experienced individual will tell you the true dynamics of this test. He or she will share with you the questions that actually came in the exam. There are a number of people who have shared their experiences on different forums. You can always contact these professionals and ask exam-related questions. In the heading below we have mentioned some of the topics which have been shared by people who passed the MB2-716 certification test. You won’t find these topics in any of the guides or tutorials:

  • Some of the questions in the exam can be related to folder-level tracking.
  • Some of the individuals who appeared for the exam reported that they had to answer questions related to mobile limitations, the behavior of tablet applications and navigation of mobile applications.
  • You can face questions pertaining to the quick view form and its usage.
  • Solutions related questions can also be there, particularly the ones to with unmanaged and managed solutions.
  • Some individuals have reported that they had to answer questions related to business rules scope as well.
  • There are high chances that a good portion of the exam can be related to business process flow and its limitations.
  • There are high chances that entity related questions can be there, such as what are the entity features that cannot be disabled, what is entity ownership, etc.
  1. Learn more about the exam

All the information that has been mentioned in the paragraphs above is highly useful for you however one particular forum, which can really help you in the right preparation for MB2-716, is the Microsoft certification exam overview. You can visit this forum to get the right information about how to register for the exam. The practice tests containing all exam question formats are available on websites below.





As an IT professional, you simply cannot afford to miss important certifications. Even if you already have your basic degree, in order to excel in your career, you need to get the necessary credentials as well.

Certifications like Microsoft Modern Desktop Architecture Associate to work on cloud virtual desktop architecture and Microsoft Enterprise Administrator Expert to enrich your skills to evaluate, plan and perform complex tasks such as Exchange Migration etc. can take your career you the next level.

The IT world keeps changing and to remain updated you need to get the right certifications for yourself. If you are serious about the MB2-716 test, then do not waste time. Prepare well for it and schedule your exam date.