You Might Want To Take A Closer Look At Those Walmart Clearance Prices!

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A Reddit user recently uploaded a series of photos that suggest there was something a little fishy going on at his local Walmart’s “clearance” section.

The photos posted online last week show items marked with price stickers that are significantly higher than price stickers that are visible underneath. For example, a flashlight on clearance is marked with a $10.97 price sticker, but peeling the sticker away revealed that a previous price was $5.99.

The shopper, whose username is SillyPickle, took the photos on March 17 at a Walmart store in Riverdale, New Jersey. He posted them on Reddit Friday, writing, “I’ve uncovered a clearance conspiracy at Walmart.”

I personally have witnessed the same activities at a Walmart in Maine. A good friend of mine also mentioned to me in conversation a few months back that she noticed the same thing happening at her local Walmart in Massachusetts. We are starting to wonder if this truly is a ‘mistake‘ on Wally World’s part….

Something fishy certainly seems to be going on.


A BugLit book light, $10.97 for a cheap light seems kind of expensive but, what’s that under the price tag?


Peeling the price tag reveals the previous price was only $5.99. 


A Microphone thing for XBox 360, $30.00 on the price tag.


Previous price…only $19.00.


Bear/Ball pet toy thingie.  Currently priced $9.97. The Previous price can actually be seen through the label, which was $5.00.


A film camera. Current price is $16.57…The old price seen through the label is $8.99.


$2.00? .78 Can be seen on the bottom tag.


A Disney paint brush for only $29.96! Old price can be seen as $19.96.


Not sure what is going on here, but something tells me this is no accident. 

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