Mike Rowe Shares 11-Year-Old Girl Scout’s Brutally-Honest Letter And He Can’t Stop Smiling

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11-yr-old Charlotte McCourt found out that her father’s best friend is ‘really rich’. McCourt is an entrepreneur at heart and wanted to pitch an idea to the ‘big wig’ about her Digital Cookie Girl Scout cookie sale. So, McCourt hopped on her father (Sean’s) computer without his knowledge and wrote up a letter. 

Sean found the letter a few hours later in his sent folder and sent it over to his best friend and colleague, Mike Rowe…because the letter was just too good not to share. 

Here is Rowe reading the brutally honest, amusing letter. 

“I feel it is important to be honest because you have to get your buyers’ trust,” Charlotte wrote. “If you say everything’s good … the person is probably going to be skeptical.”

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