Military Veteran Shows Why Recent Police Officer Involved Shootings Were Justified

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One firearms instructor and Army veteran has made a video in which many see as a very surprising take on the Alton Sterling shooting. He is actually going against all the critics who are claiming that the shooting was not justified.


His name is Mike Brown and he is the founder of the No Excuses Foundation. Amidst all the protests which suddenly arose after the Alton Sterling killing in Baton Rouge, he is speaking out against their claims that the man posed no threat to officers.

Brown poses the question on whether or not you can shoot from your pocket. He shows you that indeed you can and if you are in a situation or struggle with a someone who allegedly has a gun, you simply do not know.


“I got a lotta people who wanna talk about ‘his hands was down at his sides’, right? And ‘if he had a gun it was in his pocket’ and ‘he can’t reach for the gun’ or none of this other stuff.

So… here we go. This is my backup firearm, one of the many that I have.”


“I’m just about to show you naysayers who probably haven’t had a lick of firearms training whether or not someone could actually shoot from their pocket. Here we go.”

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