Military Veteran Shows Why Recent Police Officer Involved Shootings Were Justified

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Brown then puts the gun in his pocket and proceeds with the demo. He proves to the naysayers in regards to their claims that the officers were in no danger.


“If I had my hands in my pocket? Oh, sh*t! I can still shoot from here. How about that.”

Brown pulls the trigger over an over as you hear the hammer slam forward showing how easy one could tee off shots from the pocket position.


Now on the issue that Brown’s hands weren’t in his pocket but on his side: “Or, hands down by my side, how about that?!? I can still shoot from here. All I have to do is touch the trigger and shoot.” He then demonstrates.


“And if I’m down on my back and I’m in a struggle POW POW POW you don’t know what the FUCK you would do.”

He again demonstrates what could easily happen while in a struggle.


“So for those of you all who say the gun wasn’t fully extended and drawn… you don’t know a DAMN thing about guns.”

Of course, not everyone agreed with Brown, with several commenters attacking him personally.


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