MillerCoors Is Bringing Back The Malt Beverage ‘ZIMA’

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zima is back

Starting next month you will be able to head back in time and pick up a sixer of your favorite old school malt beverage, ‘Zima’.

MillerCoors is bringing back the infamous malt drink Zima for a limited release beginning 4th of July weekend, according to the Milwaukee Business Journal.

“It was brought back because ’90’s inspiration is everywhere, from food to fashion, and more – it’s clear the decade has made a comeback,” MillerCoors spokesman Marty Maloney told the Business Journal. “That’s why it’s the perfect time for our very own ’90’s legend, Zima, to return for a limited time.”

The clear malt beverage gained popularity in the early 1990’s, but Zima’s sales fizzled after an initially effective marketing campaign led many consumers to give it a taste — once.

You will be able to start pounding these puppies starting on Independence day…however…act fast because the company says once it’s gone…it’s gone.