Missing Woman Is Found Alive Floating In The Ocean, Two Years After She Vanished

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A missing mother has been found floating alive off the coast of Colombia two years after she lost contact with her family and mysteriously vanished.

The woman, who has been identified as Angelica Gaitan, 46, was found in a very weakened state with signs of hypothermia by fisherman Rolando Visbal. She was roughly a mile off the coast of Puerto Colombia in Atlantico.

What she has been doing for the last two years and why she ended up in the ocean is currently being investigated by police.

The video shows the moment Visbal and a friend simply identified as ‘Gustavo’ approach the woman, who is nearly unresponsive.

Gaitan was tossed a lifesaver attached to a rope and dragged towards the boat. Once near the boat, the fishermen pulled her aboard.

According to reports the woman was floating in the water for about eight hours and was taken to a hospital where she arrived in a state of shock.

Castiblanco and her sister are currently raising money to transport their mum to the capital city of Bogota where they live and hope their mum will be “taken care of by family”.