Mixbook Custom Holiday Photo Cards

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Whether you are seeking to share photos of a remarkable year or trying to keep in touch with your loved ones, chances are this holiday season crept up on you. This winter, rather than giving off boring holiday cards to your family and friends, transform your favorite photo memories into unique photo cards. Custom holiday photo cards are perfect seasonal greetings! Create holiday photo cards with Mixbook to send to all your family and friends.

Creating your holiday cards

Mixbook has everything you require to turn your greatest and happiest memories into brilliantly printed holiday cards. Just upload your desired photos into one of our templates. Mixbook has a design assistant that is straightforward to use to enable you to customize your messaging, design elements, and texts for holiday cards that exceptionally represent your personality. We also offer ideas and tips on what you can write on your holiday card to make it distinctive. Ensure that you include individualized address labels. You can select your preferred paperboard option, and your cards will get to your doorstep with a few mouse clicks before you even know it.

Take advantage of the season.

The most significant part of the winter holiday season is bringing people together. If you don’t have a way to hold a big holiday party, consider inviting your family and close friends over to make festive decorations or bake cookies. If you reside in an area with a welcoming climate, consider augmenting your photocard with fun elements like paper snowflakes. If you live in a colder region, use this season as an excuse to take a hot cocoa drink by the fire. If you need to get your children out, consider challenging them with fun outdoor games where everyone wins their unique gift. The holiday season is an excellent excuse to see the individuals you love and to have some fun.

Give a holiday gift with style.

This holiday season, give the people on your favorite list friendly gifts that will express how much you care about them. Mixbook has lots of distinctive options to turn your best memories into exceptional personalized gifts. With Mixbook, it is easier than ever to match the perfect gift to every unique personality on your list. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or want to send out New Year’s card to the people you love, Mixbook has an ideal holiday card for you. In this holiday season, it is easier than ever to share your joy with friendly and elegant holiday cards.

Unmatched service, convenience, and personalization

You can be very busy during this holiday season. Mixbook has excellent tools to help you in personalizing your holiday photo cards without sacrificing much of your time. Take advantage of the filters on our website to narrow down your search. If you are curious about what is trending this year, browse our catalog to see the holiday designs that have been hand-selected by Mixbook’s designers. Our swift and intuitive card customizer tool will give your holiday photo card an exact look you intend. If you want more customization that is not offered through our tools, just make a special request, and our designers will be sure to include it on your photo card.