M&M’s Famous Candy Characters Are Newest Victims Of Being Cancel Culture – Yes, You Read That Correctly

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M&M’s are probably the most popular candy on the planet. Their famous animated cartoon version of the candy’s are known around the globe. They are on all advertisements, commercials and packaging. Now, facing backlash from right-wing groups – the Mars company announced that it would be removing the characters from its packaging and marketing campaigns, but did not specify for how long.

The controversy started when the company released a new line of shoes featuring the M&M characters, one of which was a high-heel shoe marketed towards women. The move was criticized by right-wing groups, who felt it was an attack on traditional gender roles.

In addition to the company removing the characters from their adverts and packaging, they are also looking into changing their marketing campaigns to avoid this controversy in the future.

In a statement, a spokesperson for M&M’s said, “We understand and respect that not everyone may agree with our decision to release a line of shoes featuring our characters. We apologize for any offense caused, and we are committed to reviewing our marketing and product development processes to ensure that similar controversies do not occur in the future.”