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People with disabilities have long suffered being side-lined when it comes to access to buildings and transportation. Getting around is difficult and the current systems are not designed with disabled people in mind. However, recent technological advancement has seen progress in the development of machines and modification to buildings specifically for people with disabilities. These installments and modifications are made to ensure that they can get around just as easily as everyone else both at home and in public places.


This is a very basic design installed in buildings but is very important and makes all the difference for people with disabilities. It makes getting in and out of buildings very easy and convenient for people who cannot use the staircase. They can simply roll up and down on their wheelchairs to get in and out of buildings.

Handicap-friendly cars

Decades ago, it was unheard of that disabled people could drive around, but today, the story is much different. Car manufacturers have created cars that are specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Smart Motability cars are all the rave. They have changed the game for people who are unable to move around as easily as other people do. It provides drivers with a sense of independence and is a major boost to their self-esteem. For once they do not have to be driven around. Authorized car dealers like the Sandown-group offer smart Motability cars from certain brands.

High-powered wheelchairs

The wheelchair has been around for decades, maybe even centuries. They are usually low riding, manually operated, metal vehicles that help disabled people get around. Today, however, they have evolved. Their make and design have been improved to provide comfort as well as practicality. Power wheelchairs are equipped with motor engines that make them faster and do not have to be operated manually. They are made with high-quality materials like titanium, fine leather and other components that make it more fancy and comfortable for the user. They are electric and have batteries that can be charged.


Platform lifts and elevators

Another feature in buildings meant to assist disabled people to get around is lifts and platforms. These devices are installed in places that would help people who cannot walk to climb. Platform lifts and elevators make ascending to high levels and floors of buildings easy and stress-free. This is quite beneficial for those who work on the top floors of buildings. Most countries have laws that require buildings and public structures to be handicap friendly.

Modified homes

The home should be the most comfortable place for disabled people. They should be able to get around their homes with ease. Some people go the extra mile to modify their homes to be disabled or handicap friendly. Ramps can be installed next to staircases and stairlifts can be fixed on stairs, among other things.


People with disabilities are not relegated to the background as they used to be. They can get around much easier than they used to and with proper modifications to buildings and technological advancement, they will continue to enjoy moving around with comfort and ease.