Toilet Themed Restaurant So Popular It Had To Expand

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modern toilet restaurant

I wonder if their most popular dish is ‘Dumplings’?!?

Themed restaurants are nothing new. From pirate themes to western themes, themed restaurants are loved by many…but a toilet themed restaurant? That’s right, a toilet themed restaurant in Taiwan proved to be so popular it had to expand into a chain of restaurants.

Modern Toilet is a bathroom-themed restaurant. The tiled walls are adorned with shower heads. The chairs are toilets, and it’s up to you…lid up or lid down. Even the food is on-theme. The food is served in a facsimile of a toilet or bathtub and looks like it came out of a butt. Popular items include the hot pot and a chocolate sundae that looks like a familiar poopy emoji.

modern toilet restaurant

“It’s supposed to shock and confuse the senses,” Modern Toilet manager Chen Min-kuang told TimeWhile it does that, most diners find it’s actually tastefully done, at least for a poop-themed meal.

modern toilet restaurant

The restaurant now has establishments all around Asia, including Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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