Mom Claims “I Don’t Know How I Forgot Her!” After Leaving Baby In 100° Car For Nearly An Hour While She Shopped

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A distraught mom told Arizona police, “I don’t know how I forgot her!” after she was arrested for leaving her baby in the car.

The child’s mother, Stacey Holly said she had been distracted and forgot the 5-month-old in the car on the 100-degree day, according to Goodyear police. Holly’s sister told the officers they got out of the car and went into Target without looking in the backseat.

“I don’t know how we forgot her, but we just forgot her,” Holly told an officer, according to body camera footage. “I’m freaking out, I’m sorry, I just, I don’t know how it happened. How do you forget your baby?!”

“There was no reason for this to happen, it just happened,” Holly added.

Police body cams captured the entire incident on camera.

Holly, 37, was booked on June 16 and was charged with child abuse and endangerment, according to police.

Mug Shot : Stacey Holly (37)

“I’m glad I got arrested,” she told the detective. “This is a very eye-opening experience for me.”

The lucky little girl was deemed ‘OK’ and in good health after being admitted to a local hospital. First responders can be heard on the video stating just how lucky the child is to be alive.

One officer stating, ‘they must have had the car ice cold before going shopping and that’s what kept this kid alive’.