Mom Finds 8-Snakes In Her New Home, Can’t Move Because She Can’t Get Deposit Back

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Tonya Bell and her family moved into a new home recently and within five days, she had found eight snakes roaming throughout her home. 

Tonya spoke to her local news station about the issue. 

“It is scary! We can’t sleep,” she tells the station. “Every time I hear a noise in the wall, because I know they’re there. They’re in the walls.”

Tonya would love nothing more than to move on and get out of the home, but her landlord won’t give her, her deposit back. 

When she first moved in, she noticed there were a ton of mice in her home. She then started spotting snakes everywhere. Tonya would put mice traps down to catch the mice and snakes would get caught in them. 

The city’s Housing Authority and the homeowner allowed her to get out of the two-year lease she signed last year, according to the station. However, she found out she would not be getting most of her $600 deposit back, and she says she needs that money for a new place.

The company that handles the lease has stated they have tried to combat the snake problem multiple times.

Yikes! What would you do if you suddenly had a snake infestation?


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