Mom Finds Her 8th Grade Son’s Spotify Playlist And She Isn’t Very Happy About It

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With all the crazy, vulgar music out there, it’s best to keep an eye or an ear out for what types of music your young kids are listen too. 

In this video, one mother was ordering Christmas presents online when her 8th grade son’s Spotify playlist popped up on the family computer. Naturally, the Spotify playlist owner’s big brother was right there capturing the entire moment on camera! 

As the mother played song after song, it appeared she was absolutely mind blown. Swear word after swear word and sexual lyrics flowed throughout. Big brother was laughing uncontrollably, knowing his little bro was in a bit of trouble. 

Big bro also took a moment to zoom in on the framed picture of Jesus above the family computer as mom was questioning her sons musical tastes. 


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