Mom Shares How She Reacted To Her 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Pregnancy And People Are Praising Her Parenting Skills

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Storytelling on the social media platform TikTok is the newest way to share info about what is going on in your world. Nicole Hennessy used the platform to share her reaction to the news that her 17-year-old daughter, Angelina was pregnant. And people are praising her for her awesome parenting style!

The mom-of-three and photographer from Maryland, with permission from Angelina, showed how the two of them battled emotions in search of the best course of action. What becomes very clear, very quickly is how Nicole simply wants what is best for her daughter.

Nicole’s calm and educational reaction has been applauded by over 14 million people who watched the video, and something tells me she’s gonna be just as cool of a grandma as she’s a parent.

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The moment Nicole saw the pregnancy test wrapper, she knew it was Angelina’s. Her initial reaction was ‘Angelina needs me, so don’t react!’ The mom hugged her daughter tight and told her she would help her figure this out.

Nicole spoke with ‘BoredPanda‘ and had this to say:

“Our relationship is ever-changing. At the start of teens, it was typical; we loved each other but she’d much rather be out with friends,” Nicole said. “Now, with the pregnancy and the pandemic, we spend our days together.”

Nicole admitted it was quite the transition, looking at her little girl become a young woman and then a mother. “We have a mother-daughter relationship that is strong, respectful, and also like a partnership, we help each other out. I’m so proud of her and her maturity and strength!”

So when she sat down with her daughter helping her to make a rational, informed decision, Nicole understood that it was Angelina’s next chapter, not hers. Her job was simply to educate the 17-year-old as much as she could. “I told her that she has 3 options: abortion, adoption, or keeping and raising the baby,” Nicole said. “My husband and I sat down with her and talked in length about all 3 and the pros and cons to each one. He and I agreed in advance that we would not voice our opinion to her because it is her life to choose and we did not want to pressure her to make a choice.”

After going over the facts, Nicole found Angelina a therapist so she could not only make the decision but fully accept and live with it as well. “We talked to my Reverends at church (who are open-minded and loving) and we also went to the women’s center and Ob-Gyn. Also, her primary called her to check in.”

Angelina took a long while to process her options. “She at one point considered each of them (I made a ‘part 2’ video about that) but at the end, she felt keeping and raising the baby is what her heart wanted,” Nicole said. “So here we are, 7 weeks away from meeting her little boy. She will stay living at home so she can finish school and college and try to save money. She has our full support. It takes a village.”

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Angelina will be welcoming a baby boy this September!


Image credits: Nicole Hennessy

Image credits: Nicole Hennessy

Image credits: Nicole Hennessy