Mom Thinks She Found Drugs In Her Teen Daughter’s Room, Hilarious Texts Follow

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A Texas mom thought she found her teen daughter’s secret drug stash, and now their text exchange is generating laughs across the country.


The conversation started fairly normal – Ashley Banks, 16, asked her mom to put her calculator in the family mailbox so a friend could borrow it. This involved her mom going through the teen’s desk, which is where the trouble began. “What are these?” Ashley’s mother demanded to know after sending a picture of a bag containing various colored capsules.


Before Ashley could even respond, her mom went ahead and assumed what many parents would – she had found her daughter’s secret drug stash. “Ashely Carol I will not have drugs in my house,” she wrote. “Come home right now. As soon as your dad comes home from California we will discuss your consequences.” You know you’re in trouble when one parent brings up the other one. “[…] you will not be leaving the house, come home this instant,” she continued.


Despite her mom’s barrage of texts the teen kept her cool because she knew the alleged contraband was most certainly not drugs. Ashley advised her mom to drop the ‘drugs’ in water, which after some hesitation she did do. Surprise! 🙂


Ashley also had a good laugh at the hilarious misunderstanding. In the end, mom seemed less amused. “Why in the Earth would you buy these?” Ashley’s mom wrote. “I thought you were 16 not 7?”