Mom’s Demanding Halloween Sign Has Internet In An Uproar

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We totally understand that some children have allergies so severe that receiving the wrong food or in this case candy can have serious consequences and result in a life or death situation for the child. However, does this warrant such extreme measures as to write a demanding letter to fellow neighbors, telling them what they can and can not hand out for Halloween candy?

The letter above was written by a parent of a child with a severe peanut allergy. The letter certainly does come off quite jerk-ish and demanding.

Criticizing parenting and telling the neighbors they are discriminating against certain children by handing out normal, tasty treats on Halloween probably wasn’t the way to go about getting your point across.

If the letter were written slightly different, asking neighbors to maybe keep a few non peanut laced treats aside for kids with allergies may have been the way to go. Instead, this letter was written and now the Internet is talking about how foolish it is.

What kid wants to go up to a house on Halloween and receive carrots or raisins? I can tell you that if I went to a home as a child on Halloween and received a little baggy of carrots, they would end up being strewn about various driveways throughout my neighborhood.

We all remember that one house as a child, the house where every Halloween they hand out some sort of fruit product and a little piece of paper with their ‘eat healthy’ propaganda on it. Yea…those houses were avoided every year after the initial fruit giving.

What do you think about the letter?  Is it too much? Is this parent correct in posting this letter throughout their neighborhood?

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