Moms Hijack Their Kid’s Tinder Profiles And It’s Just As Nerve Racking As You’d Expect

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Mother’s do a lot for us kids, but one thing that we never want our mothers to do for us, is find us a date. Our moms just want the best for us kids but sometimes the best in their eyes isn’t exactly the best in ours.

In this video, moms take over their kids Tinder profiles and the results are both ‘cute’, ‘strange’ and hilarious.

The kids have to show them what “swipe” means. “It’s a dating site, isn’t it?”!

The kids and moms are uniformly adorable though. “I do the Facebook,” one mom says.

“She does THE Facebook,” her son parrots, mockingly.

Another mom reads her daughter’s profile, “You’re a ‘performance lady’! What do you mean by that?”

What do the mothers make of the profiles they see? If there’s more than one person in the photo, they can’t figure out whose profile it is. And any little thing could put them off a person. “He’s a nice looking fella, but he’s hiding behind those shades for a reason.” And one son is disappointed when his mother passes on a girl because she’s “very scantily clad.”

The messages the mother’s send are so cute, and not at all cool. “You have nice hair.” “Fancy a magical date?” Argh, moms!

Check out the video, it is great for good laugh! 🙂


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