20 Crazy Facts About Money That You Probably Have Never Heard Before

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Money (sadly) makes the world go round. The more you have, the more you can do in life. Money is certainly essential if you want to live in society, but so many of us waste money on foolish things. But individuals are not the only ones wasting money. The Government wastes plenty!

Here are 20 crazy facts about money that you probably have never heard before.

1. A Penny Costs 2.4 Cents To Make

money facts

2. More than 2 million Americans survive on just $2 per day.

3. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing uses 9.7 tons of ink each day to print money. That has to be expensive.

4. Just five percent of those who buy lottery tickets account for 51 percent of total ticket sales. That’s a lot of tickets.

5. Gambling generates more money each year than movies, spectator sports, theme parks, cruise ships and recorded music combined.

6. Grab the hand sanitizer! Ninety-five percent of bills are absolutely covered in bacteria.

7. Ever see a dollar bill within one inch of its life? A bill can withstand 800,000 folds before it tears from use.

8. The Monopoly man’s doing better than us, since more Monopoly money is printed per year than actual money.

9. Have money in your wallet? There’s a good chance there’s cocaine on it. Ninety percent of bills have traces of the white powdery stuff on them.

10. Back to my previous point, only about 8 percent of global currency is physical printed money.

11. Pablo Escobar once lost a cool $10 mill to hungry rats.

12. The largest U.S. bill ever was for $100,000.

13. When it comes to counterfeiting U.S. currency, North Korea is the biggest offender. Shocking.

14. Before the Secret Service followed the president around, their original job was actually to fight counterfeiting.

15. The average household allowance for chores is $65.

16. Americans spend $117 billion on fast food per year.

17. People today start going into credit card debt as early as high school.

18. This little design on the $1 bill is a nod to the original 13 colonies.

19. 96 percent of people working in the U.S. today will not be able to retire by the time they’re 65.

20. If you have just $10 in your pocket and zero debt, including any standing credit card debt – You’re wealthier than a quarter of Americans.