Guy Tried A Simple Experiment And Ended Up Saving Thousands Without Even Realizing It!

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Many of us have our own tips and tricks to saving a little extra cash. From saving your change to sending a few dollars each paycheck to a separate bank account. These little tips and tricks can allow your saved money to add up over weeks, months and even years and when you cash in…it can be a pleasant surprise!

Redditor DasPike decided to try out one such trick a while back, and he recently posted about his astounding success.

“Last month I cashed in on an experiment I started 5 years ago. I read about this idea to save a $5 dollar bill every time you had one on yourself. So I decided to give it a shot and start in August 2012. I never created change with a fiver on purpose nor went out of my way to exchange bills. I just set aside a bill when I came home from work or a night out, slowly adding to the pile and never withdrew.”

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Considering I seldom use cash I was curious to see how much would be saved over this period of time. It ended being a bit more than I expected with the final amount of $2285. Not too shabby, might have to start this again sometime […] It’s a neat little experiment to save money you don’t miss.”


You can apply this same method with any bill denomination of course! Give it a try! Who doesn’t want to cash in a few thousand! Just think of the fun vacation you could take with all that money!

Another great saving plan that works wonders is one we wrote about a while back. A family of seven saved a whopping $944.21 in one year by saving all the change they received back when purchasing items with cash. 

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