Monkey Does The Unimaginable: Acts Like A Mom To A Puppy And Defends Him From Stray Dogs

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They say “love knows no bounds”. Even animals show affection to one another, especially in families, packs, etc. But from different species? While it is not unheard of, it is quite rare, and a sight to behold.

In Rode, India, a rhesus macaque monkey saw a small puppy on the street, and took to it like a doting parent, and adopting it. The monkey really seemed to care for the pup, carrying it around like its own baby, and even protecting it from stray dogs.


The sight of the affection shared by the monkey and the puppy delighted the locals so much so, that they started leaving food near them…and just as a mother would feed her baby, the monkey did just that…feeding the puppy before partaking in the food given by the locals.

What made the monkey do what it did? Maybe it took pity on the puppy, maybe it lost one of its own, I suppose we will never know for sure. But one thing we know, is that love really is a wonderful emotion, and can transcend physical differences and barriers. We should learn a thing or two from this monkey-puppy bond.


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