Montecito, California Man Shares Dramatic Footage Of Flash Flood Ripping Through Home

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Montecito California flash flood mudslide video

This is the terrifying moment a flash flood brought mud and debris barreling down a Southern California street and into the home of Marco Farrell and his parents.

Video shot by Farrell captured the devastating mudslide cascading down a Montecito road.

Before the muddy, debris-filled water roared down the street and into the home of Farrell, Farrell can be heard yelling from his driveway at a nearby motorist in a white truck.

“Turn around! The flash flood’s right here, get out of here, go!” he says.

The vehicle pulls quickly into reverse just as the roaring mudslide appears and Farrellscreams, “Oh my God, Mom, close the door!” as he rushes inside.

He said on Facebook that 4 feet 9 inches of “raging mud” filled their home and that his car was swept away.

“The scariest thing was the sound,” Farrell told ABC News. “It sounded like the scariest monster you ever heard, banging on your door.”

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reported that 100 homes were destroyed and 17 people died in deadly storms that caused mudslides.

Please keep the folks affected by this horrible disaster in your prayers and thoughts!