How To Make Your Own 3-Ingredient Mosquito Yard Spray That Really Works!

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A mosquito yard spray really works! 

Nobody likes mosquitoes…they carry disease, bite like crazy and they are just plain annoying! There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your backyard with friends and family while swarms of mosquitoes attack! 

There is a simple mixture that you can make right at home that will rid your yard of mosquitoes and have you back enjoying yourself mosquito free in no time! 

It is said this mixture will keep mosquitoes away for up to 80-days! 


Mix all three ingredients together until salt is completely dissolved. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the areas where you frequent the most outside. 

The stronger you make the concoction…the better it will work! The solution will have a nice mint smell too! 

mosquito yard spray

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