Most Rewarding Aspects Of Entrepreneurship

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From the old-timey diner and the auto repair shop to the tech giants of Cupertino, every company is a rewarding achievement in its own right.

Entrepreneurship isn’t an easy road, but as any business owner will tell you, the rewards are spectacular. Paychecks are just the beginning – there are so many other worthwhile aspects to being an entrepreneur. Here is what real business owners had to say on the topic.

Real Satisfaction

What could be more satisfying than bringing joy to others and being paid for your contributions to the world? That sounds like a winning recipe that would never get tiresome.

“I find being able to genuinely help someone is the best part about being an entrepreneur,” said Artie Baxter, CEO of Paperclip. “Whether that’s due to our low prices, finely selected inventory or just being able to guide someone through a purchase situation. Hearing the satisfaction that Paperclip brings to my customers is the ultimate joy and the best part about being an entrepreneur.”

A happy customer is a blessing in more ways than one, especially if they return for repeat business and tell some friends about it.

No Other Option

Birds fly, dolphins swim, and entrepreneurs find ways to launch successful businesses, time and time again. That’s just the way of nature, and it’s always rewarding to do what feels most natural to us.

“Entrepreneurs must love what they do to such a degree that doing it is worth sacrifice and, at times, pain,” said Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. “But doing anything else, we think, would be unimaginable.”

If you’ve got that undeniable drive to pursue entrepreneurial goals, you won’t need much external motivation to get started.

All Worthwhile

Let’s get real – if being a business owner was easy, everyone would do it. The steep and constant challenges of entrepreneurship is part of what makes the rewards so great.

“Becoming an entrepreneur means many sleepless nights, huge amounts of risk, and boundless uncertainty, but it also gives wonderful freedom,” said Ben Cook, Jr., Vice President & General Counsel, Cook Capital Group and Printed Kicks. “You become less worried about working certain hours and instead focus on the project at hand. If a family member needs help or has an event, I’m there. It doesn’t matter the day or time, because as an entrepreneur, you make your schedule.”

At the end of the day, the demanding aspects of business ownership will pay off, provided you avoid burnout and have a strong, trusted team to support you.

Create and Control

The creative impulse exists within us all, but for an entrepreneur, it’s much stronger and more potent. These are people who need to bring their big ideas to life and share them with the world. For them, this is a rewarding experience in itself.

“The most rewarding aspects of being an entrepreneur would have to be the fact you are the creator,” said Sean O’Brien, CMO of Modloft. “You are the one who establishes the business model, controls the finances, hires and fires and most importantly controls the schedule. Having control over your own life and business is the best part about being an entrepreneur!”

These days, it’s more viable than ever to make money from creative pursuits – are you willing to step up and take the chance?

Being Yourself

A certain portion of the population is just not suited to receive orders and perform the same tasks for 40 hours a week, every week. Entrepreneurs strive to be themselves fully and embrace what makes them unique.

“I’ve always been a bit of an introvert, but just because you don’t fit the classic mold doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader, ” said Jess Lee, Partner at Sequoia Capital. “You just need to find your own style and someone with a similar style who you can learn from.”

If you’re not fitting into the standard employee mold, it may be time to consider changing course and starting a venture of your own.

Meeting Demand

Basic economics tells us that when there is demand for a product, the supplier will stand to benefit greatly. Entrepreneurs excel at identifying that demand and filling gaps in the market.

“It’s my passion for identifying white space or voids within the beauty industry and developing products that fill those needs that have brought me to my most recent announcement: the addition of beauty icon and entrepreneur Christie Brinkley to the SBLA Beauty team and company brand ambassador,” said Randi Shinder, CEO of SBLA. “Brinkley will be a collaborative addition to launch new products in 2021 as well as begin a dialogue with women about aging in the spotlight as well as in general, providing a safe place for dialogue and innovative solutions that are both accessible and incomparable.”

It’s not an oversimplification – meeting customer demand is the basis for all business success, so start looking for opportunities now.

Make the Most of Life

All clichés aside, everyone wants more out of life. Some people travel abroad, others change careers a dozen times, and a handful of folks start businesses as a way to challenge themselves and achieve more.

“Entrepreneurship really allows you to live life at its best and on your own terms,” said Daniel Snow, CEO and Founder of The Snow Agency. “Another reward to being an entrepreneur is that it’s fun to seek out opportunities and find new doors when others have closed. I believe in staying open-minded with new opportunities that come my way. They can also help expand your business more.”

We never know what rewards us most until we try, so don’t write off any opportunities in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Success Stories

In a digital world, it’s less common to shake hands and exchange smiles with customers in person. However, reading reviews and hearing testimonials on social media is still a rewarding experience for business owners.

“The most rewarding part of entrepreneurship is looking back at your progress and seeing all the people that you were able to help,” said Michael Fischer, Founder of Elite HRT. “At Elite HRT, it’s great to see the success stories of our patients knowing that we were able to help them on their journey to better health. Being able to connect patients with physicians virtually is a valuable asset to today’s health sector.”

Customers might be halfway around the world on a laptop, but the connection and satisfaction are still very real.

Your Own Boss

It’s the expression we hear so often when discussing entrepreneurship, but what does it really mean to be your own boss? In reality, it’s a constant balance of risk, reward, and lots of self-discipline.

“I would say the fact that I am my own boss is the most rewarding part about being an entrepreneur,” said Michael Scott Cohen, CEO of Harper + Scott. “Also, the fact that I get to employ other people and help them put food on the table for their families. This of course comes with pressure, but with confidence and a good business model you will be just fine. Each day is a great day to be an entrepreneur!”

Do you have the discipline muscle to be your own boss? Perhaps not yet, but it’s a worthy goal.

Passion Projects

Careers can definitely be satisfying, especially if you find the subject matter interesting. Starting your own business, however, adds another layer of reward and satisfaction, since you’re the one in the driver’s seat.

“Being able to do projects that I’m passionate about instead of a standard 9-5 has made it worth it to come into work every day, even when the days are long,” said Cody Iverson, Co-Founder and CEO of VisCap Media. “Content creation can be a competitive industry with a lot of roadblocks, but the rewards and being able to do something every day that you love is worth it.”

If you’ve got the skills and the drive to embark on a business of your own, why delay any longer? Your passion for the process will take you far.

Positive Impact

When you zoom out and look at society as a whole, how many people can say they are really making the world a better place? Entrepreneurs have the unique satisfaction of stating this fact with confidence.

“Making a skincare line and business model that impacts people’s lives for the better makes my entrepreneurship experience worth it,” said Meghan Maupin, Co-Founder and CEO of Atolla. “Being able to come up with solutions to problems such as waste in the skincare industry, lack of education for specific skin types, and promoting a more empowering approach to skincare has made a difficult journey worthwhile. Any time you can see the positive effect you have had on someone’s life – that will always be my best day!”

For those who are truly dedicated to helping others, starting a business might be an effective route in achieving that goal.

So Much Opportunity

The strange thing about entrepreneurship is that a little momentum turns into limitless opportunity in the blink of an eye. Get started sooner than later so that you can take advantage of all the possibilities in your path.

“Being an entrepreneur gives you so much flexibility,” said Dennis Hegstad, Co-Founder of LiveRecover. “You really can’t beat it. Also, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can achieve. I read about a kid through Twitter. He built a COVID directory that pulled in all the APIs from the CDC and population data, et cetera. He put Google AdSense, and native ads like Taboola, or Outbrain and some affiliate offers. He ended up making like five or six million off a COVID map website because of the amount of traffic.”

Even if you aren’t on the entrepreneur track right now, it’s always useful to see what’s possible in the world of business, especially online.

No Going Back

Many business founders experience a moment of realization, or a spark of inspiration that reveals to them a new world of possibility. When that switch flips, there’s no going back.

“The most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship has to be freedom,” said Aidan Cole, Co-Founder of Nailboo. “We’ve all worked a 9-5 and watched the clock slowly tick away. After having a taste of what it is like to be a successful entrepreneur, I can confidently say I will never go back. You are the one to pick your own schedule and put in place your own achievable goals. Everything is controlled by you, and you make the rules.”

The worst thing that can happen is that you return to where you are now – why not try?

Feel the Freedom

Everyone has a unique definition of freedom. Time, location, money – these are all factors that help create a fun and fulfilling life. Starting a business can earn you these things and more if you put in the work now.

“To me, being an entrepreneur means freedom,” said Mary Berry, Founder and CEO of Cosmos Vita. “By creating my own business based upon my own passion for health and wellness, I am free to manage my time however I wish. I do not have to answer to anyone concerning my business goals or strategies. The agency I have to run my business on my own terms is empowering.”

There’s no pursuit more noble than freedom, so make it your priority and chase the dream.

Cultural Legacy

It’s a wonderful thing to take pride in one’s culture, and even better to share it with others with products that delight and inspire. When done correctly, everyone wins.

“Tepache is a probiotic beverage that’s been made since pre-Columbus Mexico,” said Rafael Martin del Campo, Co-Founder of De La Calle. “The first time I ever made Tepache was with my grandmother, we used to make it all the time and I would help her. Recipes of Tepache have been passed down in families, and there are even storefronts or Tepacherias in Mexico dedicated to this delicious bubbly beverage. A year after our founding, De La Calle’s Tepache is sold across the United States, and I have loved sharing a part of my culture around food and drink with so many people.”

Stories like this remind us that entrepreneurship is so much more than business – it’s community and culture as well.