29 Most Scandalous Game Show Hosts

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Source: Awesome Jelly

Game shows have been a part of television programming for a long time. Game shows have been around almost as long as television itself; in fact, according to both Guinness World Records and IMDb the first ever game shows was aired back in 1938! Spelling Bee was first aired on BBC television on may 31, 1938 at 10pm. It was a 15-minute show where the host Freddie Grisewood asked the contestants to spell various words. The contestants played against popular television personalities at that time. It wasn’t really the most exciting game show; it however, paved the way for thousands of game shows that have been aired.
Since then, there have been different kinds of game show formats, from games that tests the physical endurance of contestants, games of luck and chance, to games that challenge the intellectual acuity of contestants. Regardless of the variation of game show format, there is one unchanging factor – the host. We love to watch the contestants, as we play along with them. These contestants can make an episode great or may make it cringe-worthy, but the host can make the entire show a success or a flop.
The host is typically someone who is energetic, friendly and can engage in witty conversation with the contestants; while in the process of explaining the rules and conveying the outcomes of the game. Even so, hosts are just people, like the rest of us. What we see on television is just a character that they are playing. These game show hosts can be different in real life. Most of them are great people; however, they do have some disappointing behavior.
The following might be a surprise, but let’s see these hosts and the moments that may make us despise them.