Mother Of Five Spends Thousands To Look Like ‘Barbie’ In An Attempt To ‘Get Her Life Back’

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Some people go to the extreme to change the way they look and this Cincinnati mother of five is one of them. She clearly has the money for it so she isn’t hurting anyone, however many would argue her money could be better spent…I mean…after all there are millions of children without access to food or water.

Hi Mom…


In an effort to look just like a Barbie Doll, she has enough plastic in her to make about a hundred of the iconic dolls. She’s had boob jobs, a tummy tuck…you name it, she’s done it. All this is being done in an effort ‘to get her life back’ after giving birth to her five children. She has plastic surgery on every ounce of her body and spent a whopping $500k to do so! Her husband kisses her in the video and almost gets a black eye.

It’s all good though as long as her husband and her kids are on her side. In the video, you can watch them take pictures of her and carry her around the house. It looks like she might not be able to move. Plastic has a way of doing that.

What are your thoughts on this mother’s transformation? Is it a little too much?

Barbie doesn’t seem as tan…

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