Mother Reunited With Deceased Daughter In Virtual Reality

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This technology is absolutely amazing! Given the circumstances, it’s also extremely sad and could be potentially damaging to ones mental health.

A Korean TV special called Meeting You aired which focused on a family’s loss of their 7 year-old daughter.

The program attempted to reunite 7-year-old Nayeon with her mother using a virtual reality recreation, complete with audio.

Comments on the video and television show are extremely mixed. Some believe that getting to interact with a loved one who has passed would be amazing. While others believe that this type of technology can be incredibly damaging to one’s mental health.


It is clear in the video above that this mother is experiences a ton of very real and very serious emotions. This raises many questions as to how interacting so vividly with a lost loved one via virtual reality, can effect your mental state and grieving process moving forward.