Photo Of A Mother & Her Twin Daughters Has People Trying To Guess Which One Is The Mom!

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Kylan Mahomes simply posted a photo of her twin sister and her mother on Twitter, but little did she know that the photo would soon go viral. And why did it go viral?

Because you are unable to tell which one is the mother in the photo!

With over 18,000 retweets, and even a meme, it seems as though people are having a hard time figuring out who’s the mother in the photo.

Can you tell? (answer is below the photo)

mother daughter1

Some social media users were positive the mother was the figure in the middle because they said the two on the outside were “obviously” twins.

Others used process of elimination: The one taking the photo was on the far right and no mother would sit in the back seat, so it had to be the woman on the far left.

The answer lies in Mahomes’ caption for the photo: “Mom, twin & me.”

The mother is the woman on the far left, and the twins are the girls to the right.


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