Man Records His Final Goodbyes After Crashing Motorcycle In Remote Area

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What would your last words be to your loved ones?

In a series of short videos taken on his cellphone, Kevin Diepenbrock, 41, originally from Greenville, Texas, says his final goodbyes to his family after he and another motorcyclist crashed on a dangerous stretch of U.S. Highway. The stretch of highway 129 is known as “The Dragon” and coined that because of the dangerous, curvy nature of the road.

On Oct. 15, 2016, Diepenbrock and his friend got into a serious accident which caused the pair to tumble down a steep, rocky embankment.

Diepenbrock suffered two punctured lungs, 17 breaks in 12 ribs and multiple spinal fractures. He was found more than 24-hours after the crash. His friend, the other motorcyclist, Phillip Polito, 29, of Perryville, Mo., sadly died as a result of his injuries. 


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