Videographer’s Special ‘Movie’ Marriage Proposal Sets The Bar Extremely High

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When Zac Zlatic decided he was ready to propose to his high school sweetheart, Kelly Satterlee, he knew it had to be special. After all, they had been together for nearly eight years­ ­– starting when he was 16 and they attended the same high school in La Jolla, California. Despite the long distance, and later “medium distance,” as Zac describes it, the couple dated through college and eventually relocated together to Austin, Texas.

Zac works as a videographer, so when his friend suggested making a movie to propose to Kelly, he ran with it. With plenty of help from Kelly’s sister, he led his beloved to believe they would be attending a preview screening of Jason Bourne, even though they have not seen any of the previous films in the franchise. The theater was filled with 45 of their closest friends and family, who were instructed by Kelly’s sister to avoid looking at the couple when they walked into the dark room. Zac’s friends filmed the whole thing, so we get to see Kelly’s reaction when she realizes what’s happening.

After real trailers play, Zac’s short film begins. It features footage from the couple’s travels and adventures, as well as Zac individually asking for the blessing of Kelly’s mom, dad, and siblings. Perfectly timed with him walking through the theater in the film, Zac enters the room to at last pop the question to Kelly. The newly engaged couple then happily celebrates with family, friends, and Champagne.

Watch the whole proposal below, and make sure you have a tissue on hand!


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