Moving From California To Oregon – What To Look Out For

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If you’ve chosen to move to Eugene in Oregon from California, you’ve got all the right reasons to make the decision. You’ll love the laid-back ambiance and fantastic weather. Hiking and canoeing are only some of the exciting leisure activities you can indulge in. You can also drive to the beach in a little over an hour. And, if you enjoy kayaking and rafting, the Mackenzie and Willamette Rivers are close by. Nonetheless, you will need more in-depth information regarding moving to Eugene and the nuances of life here. We’ve got you covered! Read ahead.

Expect to Pay Higher Income Tax

Life in Eugene is much more economical than in California. The Cost of Living index indicates that the state of California scores 149, which means that the COL is 49% higher than the national average. In contrast, the COL in Eugene is just 113. While income levels are higher in the Golden State, residents also pay 39.5% higher housing costs and 11.8% more for groceries. Fresh farm produce is also more expensive, as is childcare, transport, and rent. However, your income is likely to be taxed at between 5% and 9.9%, which is among the highest in the country. You’ll also pay a 1% property tax, though the state does not levy any sales tax.

Traffic is Slow with Narrow Roads

Now that you’re moving to Eugene in Oregon, you’re probably looking forward to avoiding massive highway jams, frantic rush hours, and road rage from frustrated drivers. All that is about to change since traffic is overall slower and driving is relaxed here. Expect far less congestion on the roads with more people preferring to use the well-developed, economical public transportation system. Residents in Oregon also like to walk and bike, and you’ll likely find biking lanes in most areas.

The downside? Roads are typically narrower than in California. For the unfamiliar driver, navigating sudden turns and unexpected bends in the streets can pose something of a challenge. When relocating to the Emerald City, you might want to hire LA moving services that are experienced in working on the west coast.

Frequent International Travelers May Face Issues

If you frequently travel to offshore locations for work or leisure, settling down in Eugene can pose a problem. The Beaver State has just two international hubs, the Portland International Airport at Portland and the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport at Medford. Eugene has a single airport, Mahlon Sweet Field, and you’ll book connecting flights from the major cities to travel out of the US.

Schedule Your Move Around Parking Permits and Weather

When planning your relocation to Eugene, Portland, and Salem, you’ll inquire about the specific street cleaning schedules of the city’s maintenance. They may also have fixed time frames within which cleaning is conducted, and parking on the street is not permitted. As long as you park your moving truck per these schedules, you will not have a problem. Also, keep an eye on the expected weather forecasts, so you’re not moving furniture and boxes during a downpour. Eugene typically has rainfall during the fall and winter months.

Get a Building Inspector Familiar with Eugene’s Landscape

Certain sections of the lowlands around Eugene have expansive clay soil. When scouting around homes in the city, you may want to get a building inspector familiar with the landscape. They’ll likely scrutinize the foundations of the houses to identify any issues like shrinkage and damage. If you’re looking at vintage homes, get the sewer lines inspected for the possibility of inferior line materials and failure.

Eugene is located in the southern end of Willamette Valley, a region prone to high moisture levels. Before buying a home, take care to identify signs of pest infestations and dry rot. On the upside? Conducting repairs may not cost you the earth because of Eugene’s very competitive labor market and economical construction projects.

If you can’t be present at any point of the process, it is a good idea to get any documents notarized via an electronic notary.

There’s a High Risk of Allergens

If you or a family member are prone to allergies, living in Eugene can be challenging. The city is located downwind from the grasslands of Willamette Valley. The pollen grains count per cubic meter of air can go up to 1500 in summer months, one of the highest in the country.

Moving to and setting up a home in Eugene has its challenges, but work out how to get around them, and you’ll love living in the Emerald City.