Mow Your Lawn In Air Conditioning! Man Holds Patent To Create AC Filled Riding Lawn Mower.

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Yes. This is real!

Imagine mowing your lawn in the cool comforts of air conditioning! Well, you don’t have to really imagine it — as one man says he has the patent to create AC filled riding lawn mowers!

A Mississippi man claims to hold the patent to create riding lawn mowers equipped with air conditioning. In the video below, he demonstrates the mower!

Sitting in an enclosed cabinet, an air conditioning unit assembled on the back pumps cool, fresh air into the cabin which will allow you to mow your lawn in style and comfort!

The inventor says that it would roughly cost about $2,000 to equip your riding lawn mower with AC, but it’s worth every penny!

Yep it's real! Cut your grass on a mower in the air condition. And a man from Ridgeland says he's got the patent to create them. Would you buy one?

Posted by 16 WAPT News on Monday, August 26, 2013